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DryNites® Bed Mats

DryNites® Bed Mats

Why DryNites® Bed Mats?
DryNites® bed Mats are designed to provide extra protection for overnight confidence. With Stick and Stay Put for extra night time confidence, DryNites® Bed Mats give up to 12 hours of night time protection.

Soft and quiet. The perfect solution for a comfortable night's sleep.

Stays in place. Peel-off adhesive back sheet secures the Bed Mat to a mattress, for great night-long protection.

Up to 12 hour mattress protection. Highly absorbent with waterproof backing.

The key ingredients of our bed mats are:
Polypropylene, polyethylene, superabsorbent (sodium polyacrylate), wood fluff pulp, polyurethane, synthetic elastics, adhesives, colourants.

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